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Janine Avila is an international speaker, trainer, teacher and coach. She has an exceptional track record, not only in the network marketing industry, but also in the area of coaching new and struggling small businesses.

If you're looking for a motivational or keynote speaker who knows how to inspire and move an audience, Janine Avila delivers a powerful keynote message—using humor and a savvy, common sense approach, that not only entertains, but inspires others with her positive, "can do" approach.

Unleashing an individual's views and motivational levels can optimize performance levels never before thought possible. Janine's heart felt words of inspiration and perseverance empower and provide others with the tools they need for success.

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This May, Janine Avila celebrated her one-year anniversary working with Texas-based Elepreneurs.

After working at the company’s global headquarters for a year, she’s announcing her retirement from the corporate side of the business as she transitions into the role of an Elepreneurs distributor.

The consistent, significant growth of Elepreneurs has made it the buzz of the industry...

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